Eirikur Bergmann is Professor of Politics at Bifrost University in Iceland and Visiting Professor at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. He is furthermore Director of the Centre for European Studies in Iceland. 

Professor Bergmann writes mainly on Nationalism, Populism, European Integration, Icelandic Politics and on Participatory Democracy. Further afield are couple of novels published in Icelandic.

Much of his work, which has mostly been published in English and Icelandic – a few also in German, French and Russian – is found under the links above. Below you find selection of latest publications.

Full Curriculum Vitae (.pdf file)

Selected latest publications:

Contact information:

E-mail: eirikur[at]bifrost.is
Facebook: facebook.com/eirikurbergmann
Twitter: twitter.com/EirikurBergmann
Academia.edu: bifrost.academia.edu/EirikurBergmann

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Eiríkur 2

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