Selected lectures and academic talks

  • Weaponisation of Conspiracy Theories in Wake of Crisis
    Presentation at Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) Policy Support Training Programme (Prevent) on “Conspiracy narratives in times of crisis: case studies from during and ‘after’ the pandemic”. International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) conference. The Hague, 30 November 2022

  • Hvernig er hægt að rannsaka þjóðernishyggju, popúlisma, upplýsingaóreiðu og samsæriskenningar?
    Erindi í Félagsvísindadeild Háskólans á Bifröst, 6. október 2022

  • Citizen Assemblies in Response to Crisis of Democratic Representation
    Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). Moscow, June 2nd 2015
  • Iceland: A Post-Colonial Sovereignty Project
    Paper presentation in Sovereignty Games panel. At academic journal Cooperation and Conflict 50th anniversary Symposium: “The Past, Present and Future of Nordic IR-Research”
    Lund University, Sweden, 7th and 8th of May 2015.
  • Deliberation in practice: the use of mini-public’s in contemporary democracies
    Round table discussions. Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. Organized by University College, Dublin, November 2nd, 2012
  • The new Icelandic constitution
    Icelandic association of Political Science. University of Iceland, Reykjavik. October 15th 2012
  • The new Icelandic constitution
    Bifröst University, Iceland. October 10th 2012
  • The 2011 Constitutional Council
    Presentation at the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies. University of Iceland. June 26th 2012
  • Iceland’s nationalism and the European connection
    Presentation at the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies. University of Iceland. June 26th 2012
  • Iceland’s new constitution
    Presentation to delegation of Finish local authorites at Iceland’s Prime Ministry. Reykjavik, June 25th 2012
  • Iceland, EEA and EU‘s regional policy
    Presentation at the EFTA states local forum. In Isafjordur, Iceland. May 21st 2012
  • Iceland, EU, EEA, the financial crisis and democracy
    Work shop proceeding. Distant Voices project. Paris: The Norwegian Research Centre in Paris. April 26-27, 2012
  • Alhrun íslenskra stjórnmála. (e. Collapse of Icelandic politics)
    Bifrost University. December 13, 2011
  • Sjópróf á strandstað fjölmenningarstefnunnar. (e. Multiculturalism in Europe)
    Lecture at the conference Tearing Down the Walls (e. Brjótum múra) in Akranes, Iceland. November 4th 2011
  • Role of the republic President in the new draft constitution
    Intervention and panel discussions. Law department seminar. University of Iceland. November 4th 2011
  • A reluctant participant – the root‘s to Iceland‘s EU relations
    Work shop proceeding. European Integration: ideas of Europe in trans- and supranational communities. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Trondheim 9-10 September 2011.
  • Imagined Recovery: Justificatory Regimes Following the Crash of Icelandic Viking Capitalism.
    Conference proceeding. ECPR general conference. Reykjavik: University of Iceland. August 25th, 2011. [With Berry, David and Belfrage, Claes]
  • Iceland’s imagined recovery
    Conference proceeding. Crisis and Renewal conference. Reykjavik: University of Iceland. June 3d 2011
  • Iceland’s National Discourse and the EU – a Reluctant Participant
    Conference proceeding. Micropolities in the Margins of Europe – Postcolonial Sovereignty Games (MEPS). Nuuk: University of Greenland. April 20-21 2011
  • Iceland’s EU application
  • Open lecture at Oslo University. [Auditorium 4 – SV-fakultetet]. January 21st 2011
  • Europe’s Half Way House: Iceland and the EEA 1994-2010
    Workshop lecture. Europautredningen. Voksenåsen Conference Centre. Oslo. January 20th 2011
  • Icelandic Financial Crisis: From Independence Struggle to Viking Capitalism
    Conference proceeding. SGIR 7th Pan-European International Relations Conference. ECPR conference in Stockholm. September 9-11, 2010. [With Berry, David and Belfrage, Claes]
  • Imagined Recovery: The Justification of Worth in the Icelandic Financial Crisis
    Conference proceeding. “Imagined Recovery”: Cultural Political Economy and the 2007-2009 Finance-Led Crisis. Workshop at Swansea University. June 4th 2010. [With Berry, David and Belfrage, Claes]
  • The root’s to Iceland’s foreign relations
    Conference proceeding. Microstates in the margins of Europe: Postcolonial Sovereignty games. Centre for European Studies. Copenhagen University. May 31st 2010
  • Why Iceland has been reluctant to join the EU
    Keynote speech in Eduskunta [Finish parliament]. Helsinki. May 6th 2010
  • Yfirburðaþjóðin og umsátrið. (e. Influence of national sentiments on decision making in Icelandic politics)
    Reykjavik University and University of Akureyri. April 24th and 25th 2010
  • Sense of Sovereignty: Iceland, a reluctant participant in the European project
    Conference presentation. Globalization and European integration – the nature of the beast. Warwick University. June 6th 2009
  • The sovereign state – Iceland and the EU
    Presentation at SENT project conference. University Fernando Pessoa. Oporto April 28. 2009
  • Is Iceland Sovereign?
    Conference proceeding. University of Akureyri. December 1st 2008
  • Guide for adopting the euro
    Efling [labor union]. October 31st 2008
  • The Euro way
    Conference proceeding. [Framtíð Ísland í samfélagi þjóðanna]. University of Iceland, Reykjavik University and Bifrost University. Hosted in the Nordic House. October 28th
  • Automatic euroization
    Presentation in a conference held by the Ministry of commerce on September 23, 2008.
  • It‘s cold up north
    Presentation at the Global International Studies Conference in Ljubljana, July 23–27, 2008
  • What about the euro?
    Open lecture organized by Bifrost University in Grand hotel Reykjavik.  Mars 12, 2008
  • Is Iceland in Europe?
    Open lecture. Association of Icelandic historians. National museum. September 11 2007
  • Why is Iceland reluctant in international cooperation?
    The society of political scientists. Þjóðminjasafninu 27. apríl 2007
  • Why do we fair immigrants?
    Department of humanities. University of Iceland. March 10th 2007
  • Open land
    Groska festival. Reykjavík. January 20th 2006
  • The contractor in Brussels
    Conference proceedings. Bifrost University. November 15th 2006
  • Iceland pays for EUs enlargement
    Conference proceedings. University of Iceland. [Þjóðarspegillinn] October 27th 2006
  • Unilateral Euroization
    Lecture at yearly meeting of the Icelandic Labor Association (ASÍ). October 26th 2006
  • Dynamics of the European union
    Lecture at Lund University, Sweden. August 2nd 2006
  • Iceland and the European project
    Lecture at summer course on small states. University of Iceland. 30. June 2006
  • Draumalandið Litháen
    Erindi á málþinginu Draumar og martraðir. Bifröst May 13th 2006
  • Iceland and the EU
    Seminar lecture. Zemaitijos College. Rietavas, Lithuania. May 2006
  • Sleeping beauty
    Reykjavik academy conference on immigration. Reykjavik. April 8th 2006
  • Geta Íslendingar orðið tvítýngdi?
    Erindi á ráðstefnu um stöðu erlendra mála í hátíðarsal HÍ March 22nd 2006
  • Why EEA but not EU?
    Seminar organized by PhD-students within the Social science department. University of Iceland. Mars 14. 2006
  • Deep inside the European project
    Conference proceedings. University of Iceland. [Þjóðarspegillinn] October 28th 2005
  • EUs påvirkning på islandsk forvaltning
    Erindi á RAKO ráðstefnu norrænna fjármálaráðuneyta í Turku August 31st 2005
  • Iceland in European integration
    Summer course on small states in Europe. University of Iceland. June 27. 2005
  • Icelandic economy and the EU
    Conference proceedings. University of Iceland. [Þjóðarspegillinn] March 31st 2005
  • Political appointments
    Political Science Association. Reykjavik. March 18th mars 2005

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